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Please see the real application of our productions.



New PPF Squeegee
pink PPF squeegee

New Color PPF

We start producing color PPF.
color PPF

color PPF-3

New Car Wrap Catalog  & New Logo
You have 244 different color chioces.

car wrapping film-1

car wrapping film-2

car wrapping film-3

Black PPF (Product No: PPF-151B)
This is black TPU PPF. It can be used for the headlight, pillar and several parts.

New Chrome Series




PPF Scratch Test Machine (Product No: ASTM-1)
This is the test machine to show how PPF can protect the painted surface. You can display ASTM-100 to your shop and show how Avecal PPF will protect the painted surface. It is easy to install and easy to use.

(1) Video
Please click the below link to see how it works and how PPF will protects the painted surface.
PPF test machine-1

Hydrophobic Test Machine (Product No: AHTM-100)
This is the test machine to show the hydrophobic function or the hydrophilic function to the film, car paint surface and glass. It is easy to install and easy to use.

(1) Video
Please click the below link to see how it works. You can demonstrate the hydrophobic function to your customers.

machine2 machine3

You can print any image and can apply any curved surface.

New Chrome Series
We add the new chrome series.

Rainbow Chrome Black


Rainbow Chrome White

Glossy Chrome Rose Gold & Glossy Chrome Pink
chrome-1 chrome-3

TPU Reflective Paint Protection Film (Product No: AMP-1575)
his is TPU reflective paint protection film. AMP series will not only protect the scratch, but also will be seen during the night time when it receives the light.


Printable Paint Protection Film (Product No: PTP-100) & Overlaminating Film (Product No: PTPL-50)
As we started Signage business on 1999, we develop the printable paint protection film and its overlamination film. PTP-100 can be printed by any solvent printer and UV printer. You can get the good printing quality. Also, you can keep it for a long time when you apply PTPL-50.